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This is nature's answer to a very painful problem.

"I took a swig, as directed, and got the surprise of my life, I was over the cramps
in just a tad over a minute."
M. P., Los Angeles, CA
Our Quick & Effective Night Leg Cramp Remedy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I get this in a nearby store?
Answer: Yes, you can check our Find A Retailers page to see if there is a retailer near you.

Question: Do I understand you correctly that I only take one swig of your remedy before bedtime and that eliminates having leg, foot, hand and other nighttime cramps? I don't have to take anything else during the day? My other medicine I have to take 3 times a day to "cure my leg cramps".
Answer: You only need one to two capfuls before bedtime to help prevent leg cramps altogether or take it as soon as you feel a cramp coming on to help alleviate the pain.

Can the Stops Leg Cramps remedy be taken prior to participating in sports to help prevent the onset of cramps?
Absolutely! Marathon runners, joggers, cyclists, swimmers and gymnasts, as well as athletes who participate in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, rugby and volleyball who are prone to getting sports cramps can take one or two capsful of Stops Leg Cramps prior to participating in their sporting events to prevent the onset of cramps.

Question: Are there any well known sports teams that use your Cramps Remedy?
Answer: Yes, the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings hockey team does and has for some time.

The bottle says the product is Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and natural ginger and garlic juice, is there anything else at all in the product?
No. There is no gluten, no chemicals, nothing except the three ingredients listed. What makes the product unique is the kind of apples used and the unusual proportions of ginger juice and garlic juice. It's those ingredients plus an unusual blending technique called "stacked blending" - that makes the product truly unique. It makes it work and makes it fast.

Question: Does the product do anything other than its intended purpose?
Answer: Yes, it will stop hiccups fast. Just a tablespoonful in a quarter glass of water and that's it they're gone. It also helps with nighttime toe and foot twitching. Just rub it on your toes and feet. Makes it a very handy thing to have around.

Question: Does the kind of apples used in the organic vinegar make a difference in how it works?
Answer: Oh, absolutely. It's one of the keys to its success.

Isn't apple cider vinegar acidy?
Yes, about the same acidity or pH as your favorite soft drink.

Is drinking this liquid the only way of using it for the cramps?
No. If you cannot drink it for some reason, you can do as many others do and that is to generously sprinkle it on your cramping area and then rub it in. This takes about a minute longer to work, but many users prefer it.

How long has this product been around?
The mixture of these three ingredients in the special balanced formulation so as to give very FAST relief to leg, foot and hand cramps has probably been used for over a 100 years in both U.S. and by Amish and Mennonites in Europe.

Does this Amish formula work well on the kind of leg cramps women get during pregnancy?
Yes, it works exactly the same. (And in a couple minutes you can go right back to sleep.)

Question: Does this work on leg spasms, charlie horses and night time leg cramps?
Answer: Yes, it works on all these in the same speedy manner. Almost always, leg spasms, charlie horses and night time leg, foot and hand cramps are the same thing. Often enough, the only difference is the location of the cramp (i.e. leg, thigh, hand, hips, feet, calves, etc.)

Who developed and created his special formula?
No one seems to know or remember. When the Amish and Mennonites came to this country they brought with them a great many homeopathic and natural remedies that were used in Europe and are still used today. This remedy for leg, foot and hand cramps is one of them.

Question: Does the garlic have a bad smell or does it leave a "garlic breath"?
Answer: No, the garlic used is odorless and tasteless in the mixture.

What is the shelf life of the Stops Leg Cramps remedy?
If refrigerated, it is good for 4 years. If it is kept in a cupboard or drawer, the average is 36-42 months. We recommend storing in a cool, dry place.

Question: I am being treated for diabetes, is it safe to also take this remedy?
Answer: Yes. However, if you are at all uncomfortable with this answer, please ask your physician.

Question: Is it necessary to keep the product in the refrigerator?
Answer: Not at all. You actually never have to keep it in the refrigerator. We recommend that it be in the refrigerator because it seems to taste better when cold. No other reason. Some people keep it in a drawer in the nightstand all the time.

Question: How long will a bottle normally last a person?
Answer: Because you only use our remedy when you have leg cramps, one bottle can last the average person two to three months.

Question: How much faster is your liquid remedy than a capsule?
Answer: The average capsule medication takes from 20-30 minutes to dissolve. Ours is a liquid and takes about 70 seconds on the average to stop the cramps. So, you can look at it this way: Capsules let you suffer an additional 19 to 29 minutes after ours has already stopped your cramp.

Is the certified organic apple cider vinegar in the remedy filtered or unfiltered and does it have "mother"?
It's unfiltered and does indeed have "mother".

Question: I read in a magazine where Caleb Treeze Organic Farm also makes another excellent product for acid reflux, but I also note that both products have the same ingredients, so can one product be used for both conditions? Please explain why two products that have same ingredients.
Answer: Yes, both Stops Leg Cramps and Stops Acid Reflux do have the same basic ingredients, but not in the same proportions. The formula needed to achieve an immediate relief for leg cramps is an altogether different formula than the one needed to stop acid reflux, and that's why it is necessary for us to have two products. While they have same ingredients, the portions of each ingredient is very different.

Isn't quinine being used by some companies for leg cramps?
Yes, sometimes. You may wish to read more about using quinine and it's side effects. You can read about quinine on the FDA's website and also on this website. Our remedy does not contain any quinine.

Can I take the product before going to bed to prevent cramping at night?
Yes, and it works very well that way. It does the same thing for athletes such as cyclists, runners, swimmers, football players, basketball players and so forth. If they are prone to getting cramps in the game or activity then take one or two capsful before the game to prevent cramps during the game.

Question: After taking the remedy and having the cramps go away, how long before they come back?
Answer: If you have cramps every night, you might have them return the next night. We do have lots of users who start noticing that they now only have cramps every few weeks and not every night like before. We also have other users who have had their leg cramps disappear for months at a time before returning.

Does the Leg Cramp Remedy also stop "twitching toes" which I get in bed at night and can't go to sleep?
Yes. Here's how to use it: Pour some on the toe and foot area and then rub it on all the toes and all over the foot. Takes about 1 to 2 minutes to make the toe stop jumping and you can go back to sleep.

Can you tell me about the taste and smell of the product?
The organic apple cider vinegar is the predominate taste and odor and it is strong, much like a straight shot of a strong vodka. The garlic adds no taste or odor at all. Ginger is neutral - no odor and no taste. Getting by the strong taste is worth it to almost everyone - no chemicals, no medicine, all natural and fast acting.

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