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Restless Leg Syndrome Information:

Our Leg Cramp Remedy also stops restless leg activity at night while in bed. It does so in about a minute. If it does not do it we will return your money as per our Money Back Guarantee.

One does not drink our remedy when treating Restless Leg Syndrome, but rather applies it to the leg, hand or arm being effected. Once the area of the body it's being used on stops its aggravation (usually no longer than 2 minutes after application) the restless leg symptoms do not return for at least 24 hours or longer, allowing the individual to get a good night's sleep FAST.

All you need do it is to purchase a bottle and apply it as directed here on our website. There is no need to drink it to stop the restless leg symptoms. Just pour some of our remedy into the cup of your hand and apply it all around the area being affected by the Restless Leg Syndrome.

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